Want to Break-Into a Tech Career?

Are you considering programming or design or maybe even electronics as a career?

Well don’t look any further, were going to dig into some of the various tech career paths someone could take and we’ll also share why we think the industrial automation path is the best choice for beginners to break-into.

What’s Tech?

Let’s start by defining what tech is, and what you think it is so we are on the same page when talking about tech and the paths available to you.

Tech is short for the word technology;

The definition of technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.


Simply, tech is merging knowledge (science) with hardware or software to produce end products. And the end products can be computer programs or machinery or even a flying drone. So what are the typical disciplines in tech that drive it?

The disciplines in our opinion are; electrical, mechanical, design and programming. Everything these days we would identify as technology involve any one or all four of those disciplines. In tech today, you can become a software engineer who designs websites and be considered in the tech field because you do programming.

You could build a drone and use design, mechanical and electrical and be considered in the tech field.

You could build a self-driving car using programming, design, electrical and mechanical skill-sets and it would be considered high tech. As you can see the only thing you cannot do is be in tech and not use one of these disciplines.

So, where do you learn these skills?

That’s easy; trade school, college, training boot camps, online learning and even on-the-job. There are thousands of options.

Ok, but you may ask why we say that the industrial automation career field is the best place for beginners to break-into tech.

Because it is, that’s why.

But, seriously here’s why.

Why This is The Best Tech to Break-into

Easy Entry

The industrial manufacturing industry is labor driven and has a low bar for entry. Add to that, that most people get there first exposure to electrical and mechanical skillsets growing up at home, working on the family car or on motor bikes on the weekends or helping mom fix a lamp in the living room and now a days they even have extensive exposure to working with computers. 

Multiple Skill-sets

Enter the industrial maintenance career, a path with a little bit higher entry bar, but still a pretty simple career to break-into. It’s a path that requires constant learning, troubleshooting and a requirement to maintain multiple skillsets to include some level of all 4 of the disciplines.

Smooth Advancement

And because of its ease of entry and requirement for possessing a blend of multiple skill-sets it makes our little Johnny or Jane a serious and valuable candidate for advancement into more technically challenging roles.

Quick to Speed

Now the point for laying out the ease of entry path is to demonstrate that unless you attend a programming boot camp or find a mentor there are few ways to gain a professional level of these skills in as short of time as this. It would take 4 years to go to college, which means a 4 year delay before entry into the career not to include time to develop those skill.

Huge Opportunities

Consider the many directions someone could take, they could become a PLC programmer, a machine designer, work with robotics or even assemble an automated machine packed with lasers to test contact lenses. They could work with huge hydraulic systems, work in the aviation field in jet testing, build self-driving cars, and design a system that keeps city sidewalks clear of ice during the winter and so much more. All high tech work in incredibly different directions.

Great Pay

This career path is filled with opportunity and therefore offers very competitive pay. In less than 4 years it’s not possible it’s probable that a person should be earning high 5 to 6 figures in income. All stemming from those 4 simple skillsets that were gained in the industrial automation career.


One of the most valuable results gained from this career is the power to choose your direction. With the skills you have you could build a new style drone in your garage. You could design machines and build and sell them. You could freelance as a programmer, or travel as a troubleshooter. You could move into technical sales, or even become a technical writer. All because of your knowledge gained in the industrial automation career.


The modern industrial manufacturing facility is jammed packed with high tech. From huge computer networks, to massive automated machines. They may also be packed with industrial robots, lasers, vision systems, RFID scanners, barcode systems, advanced security systems, some even have completely autonomous vehicles moving parts for one place to another.

Learn Industrial Automation

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The Take Away

The facts that make the industrial automation career the best tech to break-into is the ability to become one the smartest, most skilled and best paid professional in the room; fast.

With its ease of entry, hands-on skill-set development and the incredible opportunities it gives you as well as the top pay and freedom to control your career, all make this path a great entry level option into a high tech career.

We’re hoping we’ve sparked your curiosity. But, we know that we likley didnt answer all your questions so we invite you to contact us and feel free to ask anything.

Just go to our contact page and well get back to you asap!

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