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Travel The World, Work With Cutting Edge Tech, Lead Million Dollar Projects and Earn a High 5 – 6 Figure Income in Tech

POINT IO Training App

Beginner PLC programmers often run into POINT IO. Before that happens use this MUST SEE training app.

New to PLC Programming - Start Here

We discuss the REAL reason to enter the automation & robotics career and the principles needed to be successful.

Habits, Rituals & Routines of Programmers

In this short lesson, we’ll share some helpful tips, habits, rituals and routines the pros use.

Document an Automation Project

Here are some forms you can use to create and manage an automation project. Included are examples of how to use the forms.

Sensor Install

In this simulaiton you are a controls engineer having a discussion with oyur manager about properly installing a sensor.

Sensor Bypass

Self Taught PLC programmers often discover for various reasons to program a sensor bypass push button.

5 Levels of a PLC Programmers Career

Discover the 5 levels of a PLC Programmers career. We all know the every new PLC programmer wonders what the levels are.

Your First Hydraulic Circuit

You will eventually build or troubleshoot a hydraulic circuit. Discover how a hydraulic circuit works in this simulation project.

How to Program a PLC Like a Pro

Ever wonder how a senior engineer programs a PLC? Discover how they do it.

Program Input Sensors

In this video, you will discover how to write code for discrete input sensors using RSLogix 5000.

How Good Do You Need To Be?

In this video, I share with you my thoughts on how good you need to be to land an entry level PLC programmers job.

Program for HMI Messaging

In this video, we are going to discover how to write an HMI messaging routine using RSLogix 5000.

“If using technology to change your career is your goal and your the self-learner type, then this is the right place for you“

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