Lessons Learned From Self-Taught PLC Programmers

Your host Paul Godines is a controls engineer with a passion for self-taught tech, to include automation & robotics.

In this episode we discuss the best advice offered by PLC programmers from around the world. 

We get to listen to the responses they offered to a web forum question “What Are Your Lessons Learned From Being a Self-Taught PLC Programmer?”

You can read the forum thread at PLC Talk for yourself or just sit back and listen in as Paul reads the comments and offers his own advice, experiences and comments. 

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Self-Taught Tech Podcast where we help our listeners become one of the smartest, most skilled and best paid professionals in the room.

In each episode we share the best advice to get endless job offers, to travel the world, work with cutting edge tech, lead million-dollar projects and earn 6 figures.

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