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You Can Program a Robot in About an Hour (And Get a Job)

Between the ebb and flow of recessions and the automation of jobs, you can bet the future belongs to those who take advantage of the opportunity to become one of the professionals who design, program and or integrate automated systems.

Emerging World of Automation Technologies (That Need Entry Level Engineers)

The future is clear, automation hardware and programming languages will be the most dominate tech behind the dazzling delivery of entertainment, education, transportation, agriculture and living environments in our kids and grandchildren’s lives.

7 Technical Side Gigs You Can Get (Even if you’re a Newbie)

In this post were going to show you how to get 7 specific side gigs in tech and share a few ways to get paid for doing them.

Self Taught vs College Degree (Which Route Is Best For You)

Interested in a Career in Technology? Let's Explore College Versus a Self-Taught Education With technology positions growing at a rapid pace throughout the country, it makes sense if you are considering making a move into this field. Whether you are a high school...
5 Bizarre Truths About Engineering

5 Bizarre Truths About Engineering

Are You Ready For Some Bizarre Facts? When considering the engineering career and the dozens of disciplines in the field one would think that the career is a bit of a joke as well. Because believe it or not you will find engineers getting paid to play with skateboards in skate parks, and with women’s makeup, toy models and you will even find them 200 feet atop a cell tower.

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