Personalized PLC Programming Training

Learn to troubleshoot and maintain even the most complex Control Logix and CompactLogix PLC systems June 22nd – June 26th in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are your technicians struggling to fix complex problems on your automated equipment?

Let us give them the problem solving and troubleshooting skills they need to repair your automated equipment and resolve PLC related issues and make use of all the PLC’s diagnostic capabilities.

The class price is $2590.00 and the textbook is students to keep and all class materials are provided.

Our courses are 95% hands-on. Students will be writing their own programs on the first day of class.

We keep our classes small only 6 students per class max to maximize instructor to student time.

Each student has their own real PLC hardware to work with and their own desk and laptop we never have students sharing a workstation like many courses because you can’t learn by watching someone else drive.

Listed dates do not change and are guaranteed to run.

Join us in Atlanta, GA 

June 22nd – June 26th 2020

Registration is open now.

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