Get a New Career This Year

Have you decided you want to improve your career? Do you want a promotion, pay raise or even a new job? Let me show you how to jumpstart your career with Udemy and discover one of the fastest, easiest and most reliable ways to learn new skills…

My Turning Point

Let me share a bit about my personal story with you as it relates to my career. To begin with I spent about 20 years as a production supervisor in manufacturing facilities.

But the great recession came, and I had no (tradesman) skills, I couldn’t wire anything, do carpentry, couldn’t weld, didn’t like to work on cars, nothing. I couldn’t do anything but be a supervisor or general laborer.

I realized I really couldn’t do anything, I had no real skills.

So, I went online and signed up for an electrical engineering course at an online college.

I thought, why not everyone uses electricity, right?

Next, I updated my resume with the title Electrical Engineering (student). I placed that right below my name and above my contact info.

Thinking that would be the best course of action, while I had no real knowledge of electricity or a degree it did make a statement about my focus.

Now I thought, what was the fastest, easiest and most reliable way for me to learn my much-needed new electrical skills?

Let Me Introduce You to Udemy; is a marketplace for online learning, where students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills.

Some courses even generate credit toward a technical certification.

Some Stats to Think About

According to employer Skills Gap studies 67% of survey respondents report a moderate to severe shortage of qualified workers and 56% anticipate the shortage to grow worse within the next 3-5 years.

Manufacturers also face challenges in technical job classifications such as engineering technologists and scientists, with moderate to severe shortages at 60% of surveyed companies.

75% of respondents also indicated that pending retirements and an aging workforce, with 40% saying it will be significant for skilled and or technical production support. 

Why do those stats matter to you? 

Easy, it demonstrates to you that there is an unmet need so big that employers are willing to hire anyone who can do the job, with or without a degree or years of experience.

Here’s Your Opportunity

Employers NEED skilled employees and they are having trouble finding them.

A common phrase among employers is that “if they could find a good candidate with lots of drive, they would teach them” it’s not always years of experience or lots of skills, sometimes it’s a bucket load or motivation that will help you break into tech.

But, just as often it’s not motivation that’s needed, its REAL-WORLD skills, and that’s where Udemy could come in. If, you’re willing to take some of your time outside of work to learn a new skill than Udemy can help you take advantage of those opportunities.

Udemy is a source that can help you demonstrate to prospective employers that you have personal motivation. Some show that by pursuing your degree and some show it by taking online training.

With the help of Udemy you will quickly grow your skills making you a valuable candidate when pursuing new job offers.

Think about this, how awesome would it be if you had someone who could take you by the hand and walk you through learning a new process step-by-step, years before a college course gets to it, and a hundred times less the cost with REAL-WORLD applications?

Most Udemy courses are project-based training, they teach their students to work on projects based on industry standards, with hardware specifications, using professional level software.

The Big Secret

The fastest way to jump-start your new career or get a promotion would be to learn a new skill and then build a portfolio filled with examples of your new found skill-set.

Employers look at resumes, have phone interviews, eventually meet in-person with applicants and are always eager to review any projects you may have completed and or are working on, to get an assessment of your skills.

And there is no better way to do that then to show a hiring manager a portfolio filled with projects you have completed, and that’s where Udemy can come in place.

The next big secret to breaking into tech is to build a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of examples of your work. Being new, that work would likely be class assignments you’ve completed. The more you have the better.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”Benjamin Franklin

Keep this in mind

The most important note to remember here is to have plenty of variety and volume in your portfolio. Again, this is where Udemy or any online training course can come in. While attending college, it would likely take a couple of years to get into a career specific class and months before you complete an assignment, Udemy can help you jump start the process.

My favorite axiom when building a portfolio is to have OVERWHELMING evidence that you can do the job. Have a variety of simple and complex examples of your skill and be able and willing to walk anyone through your work.

Proof is The Most Reliable Way to Get an Employer’s Attention

You are now ready to jump-start your new career using Udemy. Because if you have completed several projects, unloaded several videos of your completed projects to YouTube and have printed copies of your drawings and programs and added them to your portfolio then you will be ready to make a professional presentation demonstrating your skills to prospective employers.

Let us know below if you have any questions, or if you would like us to review your portfolio and give you our opinion.

Please feel free to share your successes as we’re always eager to celebrate with you.