Looking to Change Careers by Learning PLC Programming?

It happens, to most of us. At some time in our life we get to a place where we don’t think about things the same way we once did.

We have worked hard, pushed ourselves, made friends and built a life that on reflection won’t give us what we want out of life moving forward.

We’ve looked at life and what we’ve accomplished and now we’re looking ahead and considering the new possibilities of what it could be.

There is a lot of ways to say it, but in the end the fact is that now you want something different. And somewhere along the way you discovered the world of PLC programming.

But and here’s the hard part, your mid-life.

You’re 40 or over 40 and when thinking about changing careers the ambitious side of you might be excited but the mature side of you has to take stock in the practicality of that decision.

In short; ‘what the hell, I’m 40, I can’t do this’ you might say to yourself.

Do We Have Your Situation Right?

If we described your situation then you’re in the right place. Because in your heart you know you can do anything. You’ve proven that by building the life you have.

You have likely beaten the odds, in the past you were probably told that you couldn’t do something, or that something you were trying to do wouldn’t work.

Or that you weren’t smart enough to accomplish something, and yet here you are killing it. But in your heart you want something more or different.

Let’s chat about the person whose life hasn’t turned out to be as great as all that. Maybe they’ve made mistakes, had epoch failures, tragic losses and humiliating defeats.

Maybe you haven’t been able to tap into the best of yourself the person you know is inside.

But now is the time, and you have decided that PLC programming is the challenge that will define the next chapter in your life.

Regardless of which path you’re on; finding redemption or redefining that next chapter in your life, in this article you will discover that age isn’t likely your biggest obstacle.

Age is A State of Mind

Now were not going to say there is no such things as age discrimination. In deed there is, however the strategy to overcoming any discrimination is to ‘never stop trying’.

Even more valuable is what a mature person can bring to the table; patience, experience outside of a trade skill, a more solid sense of how to commit to something and knowing how to balance life during a transition, those are all equally valuable life skills that many young people just don’t have.

Now, obviously all that can make you feel better about yourself, but what about the employer?

A question you might ask is ‘do employers hire middle aged beginners?’

While no answer is the right answer for every employer all the time. In today’s economy of 2019, the general answer is yes.

The real reasons are because of what we found after a quick search online. Just a minute ago we checked Google and found 67,274 PLC programming jobs available on the job site Indeed.

It’s the need that is driving the opportunity. The economy is booming and industry is exploding, banks are lending, entrepreneurial businesses are investing and productivity through automation is the order of the day.

So in a job market with an insatiable appetite, factors such as age aren’t weighed as heavily these days, they just aren’t the negative factor they once were, competence is.

The ability to get the job done is the primary concern, even more beneficial for the agged beginner is companies are even willing to invest training into an employee with promise.

Especially at those times when they believe the market will stay strong, like these days and if they believe an employee will make a commitment to working for the company for a couple of years.

Now, depending on a needy market isn’t a strong enough strategy to commit to in the long run, at some point a person with a few years on other candidates will face real competition and the age thing will rise to the top.

How to Overcome the Ugly Beat of Time

In truth, your success during interviews depend on your salesmanship, your ability to sell yourself. To have a handful of points that showcase your value as a mid-life beginner.

While interviewers are not supposed to discrimnate against age, we all know it happens, so here are some helpful tips for those times when it happens (and it will happen).

Let’s look at 3 of the most common concerns 40 year olds here about changing careers and discover how to turn them around;

  1. Tech is too hard for old people to learn – when in fact we are all still learning, the internet is only about 26 years old. A millennial who uses Facebook, Instagram and other tech isn’t programming, their texting or taking selfies or You-tubing. Remember you grew up in a time when you couldn’t look up anything on Google, and that you have decades of experience having to figure things out without any help files. 
  2.  You won’t be able to keep up – keeping up is a young person’s game when it comes to physical demands however programming and light electrical or mechanical isn’t physically demanding. Note that while you can’t run a 4 minute mile you understand how to be methodical, deliberate and systematic. Important when programming and troubleshooting. Remember that speed is never as important as accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Companies want young people who can grow with the company – 1/3 of all employees quit a job within their first 6 months and 80% of companies view employee retention as a critical issue. No one is staying with an employer very long these days. Which creates openings and demand beyond any age factor. Keep in mind that you have decades of experience making commitments, with marriage, owning a home, kids, church membership, previous employers etc. and that you can make long term commitments.

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The Take Away

In the end nothing can guarantee an employer seeing past your age if they aren’t willing to look.

However having the ability to confidently talk about the subject with HR managers and recruiters and being able to make a persuasive discussion is one of the two most important strategies to overcoming any concern related to age.

The other strategy to breaking through the age barrier is to ‘never stop trying’.

Out there is a company who will listen to your discussion and see past their eyes and into your value.

Good luck and we’re hoping the questions or concerns you had have been answered. But, we know that we likley didnt answer all of them so we invite you to contact us and feel free to ask any we may have missed.