Do You Want a 6 Figure PLC Programming Job?

In this article, discover exactly how to use the 7 best tips that can help you land a PLC programming job that pays you a high five to six figure income.

What It Takes to Land a 6 Figure Job

1. Build Strong Confidence – the first step is to believe you can do the job. Now the challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Well here is an interesting stat, according to Robert Half, only 42% of all job applicants meet a job postings skills requirements. Meaning, almost half of those applying for a job aren’t fully qualified for the job. And, interestingly 84% of all companies are willing to hire and train a candidate who lacks those skills. So the challenge is to find balance while even though not being fully qualified still asking for a high level income. And that starts with knowing that the job posting is a wish list, keep this in mind. They are not likely to hire anyone who has everything they want. Meaning you can get that job even if you don’t have everything they want.

2Build a Projects Portfolio – the second step will require some preparation. Start by building a real strong collection of your PLC programming, design and HMI projects. It cannot be overstated as to the power to be able to show people what you can do verses trying to tell them. It is an old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially projects that you’ve built yourself, and can speak about in great detail and are willing to demonstrate in person. A portfolio, gives you leverage, it makes you a real contender for jobs and opportunities and it gives you power! And those three give you bullet proof confidence, the kind no one can take away. As you build that portfolio, you need to take time to ask other professional programmers, designers and integrators to review your work and share their feedback with you. And if you take their advice and work on improving your skillset, at some point you might be able to ask them if you can use them as a testimonial to the work you’ve been doing over the last 3 months or 2 years or whatever.

3. Perform Good Research – you need to find the correct opportunity that makes you a good fit. Interestingly enough even senior PLC programmers are offered entry level opportunities. Way below their skill set or they are often asked to lead and perform at a high level for very low money. So finding a good fit is important to everyone. But being a beginner your goal is to know what a good opportunity looks like. Salary is only one component to an offer letter, there is benefits, perks, retirement, vacation, training opportunities, tool purchase, education reimbursement etc. In addition, you want to be learn about the life as a PLC programmer with this company. What type of projects will you be working on, will you be part of a team, will you have in-house support, will you travel and will you be doing repetitious work or perform a variety of tasks form day to day?

4. Have a Great Interview – no matter how confident you are, how good a portfolio you have and how well prepared you are. If you fail this phase you can bet you won’t receive an offer letter from any company. Referrals and testimonials won’t save you here, so pay attention. There are 4 phases to an interview; the competence phase, consult phase, culture phase and the compensation phase. The competence phase can easily be handled with a strong portfolio. Without a good portfolio you won’t get past this phase. The consult phase is where you interview them about their company, their challenges and their opportunities. Followed by the culture phase which determines if you’ll be a good fit for the team and then that’s followed by the compensation phase. That’s where you negotiate for your compensation package. Prepare yourself for interviews or… be willing to lots of them so you learn to become comfortable during them.

5. Be Willing to Ask for Six Figures – you must practice asking for six figures. Now the challenge is that you don’t know how much you’re worth. You know how to program but you don’t know how much to ask for. Everyone spends time in that place in their career, it’s ok. But to earn 6 figures you will want to do some math, because you need to know what to ask for. Don’t worry if you do the math and believe you’re not worth the dollar amount you calculated. For instance to earn a high 5 to 6 figure income you need to be able to ask for at least $36+ an hour with time-and-a-half for overtime (about 5 to 7 hours a week). The first challenge is to know what to ask. That will be followed by determining if you’re worth it. That is handled with your portfolio. My goal in this step is to take away the unknown, to get you to focus on the dollar amount needed to reach a 6 figure income and get you willing to ask for it.

6. Willing to Ask for More – during your job search you are going to be offered opportunities that are borderline really good. But, it’s just not quite good enough. Therefore you must know what to say when the job offer is less than expected. You don’t want to blindly accept it, hoping they will see how hard you work and close the gaps to your expectation. Nor do you just want to turn down the job, when all you really need is to tweak the offer a little and you would be ecstatic to accept it. So, how does someone give a gentle push back, and or ask for more from a prospective employer during the compensation phase of a job search without pushing too hard? Start by saying something like this “your company is awesome, I would consider it out of this world to work here with you all, It would mean so much to me to join your team, but I think we need to adjust your offer just a little”

7. Be Willing to Say ‘NO’ – in the end, sometimes you’re just not going to find common ground between your expectations and their offer. Which means the time may come when you absolutely must be willing to walk away from an offer and a company. It is going to be HARD, it is going to make you a little queasy and you might feel a little sick to your stomach. But, it takes an adult, and a professional to know when to walk away. When a deal isn’t good enough to pursue. But, you have to have all the pieces I’ve listed above in alignment and with honest reflection you have to make an adult decision and just say ‘NO’. Now you don’t want to burn a bridge, incase an opportunity comes up later, so be gracious, be considerate, kind and wish them the best of luck on their search. But, after serious consideration you are going to have to reluctantly decline the offer.

In summary

PLC Programmers looking to level up to a six figure income can rest in the fact that there is a path to reach your goal. More importantly is that the employers are hungry for people just like you. They need people who are good at their job.

People with confidence and competence, DO NOT let yourself believe that you are never going to ever earn six figures. And don’t you for one minute believe that there aren’t any six figure jobs out there for PLC programmers.

All it takes is patience, preparation, proper planning, and confidence to ask for and hold out for what you want and what you feel your worth.

The Take Away

With this article we’re hoping we’ve answered some questions, sparked your curiosity and shared some useful information. But, we know you may need more, so we invite you to contact us for some follow up questions or to discuss your unique needs.

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