Either Automate or Be Automated?

We can not say this enough. The future is clear, automation hardware and programming languages will be the most dominate tech behind the dazzling delivery of entertainment, education, transportation, agriculture and living environments in our kids and grandchildren’s lives. 

Take a Glimpse Into The Future

Today you will get to see a glimpse into the future, you will discover the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow, the dynamic change coming soon and you’ll discover what some of the biggest opportunities that are available to all engineers and how you too become a part of this future.  

The world of automation is bigger and broader than you could possibly imagine. Don’t limit your perspective of automation to just factories. Instead think bigger, think about living in the world of the Jetsons. 

Think about advanced cities in the clouds, think about access to anything delivered everywhere around the world, and let your mind wonder about robot only factories and living and breathing buildings.

Think about self-driving semi-trucks to invisible wearable technology. Automation is all around us now, and it will be even more integrated into every aspect of our life in the near future.  

Our current technologies could keep a technician or engineer busy for their entire career just monitoring and maintaining the systems and equipment that we use to operate and produce for today’s consumption. However, tomorrows generation will be integrating a flood of new technologies and opportunities that are way beyond our wildest imagination.

 And because of the promising future of tomorrow, those looking for long term career growth will discover that there are very few careers with as many opportunities and challenges as the emerging world of automation technologies. 

Now that I have whet your appetite, with visions of flying cars and robots to manage every mundane task in your life, what does that mean to you today? 

To get a glimpse into becoming a part of the professionals who design, program and integrate the tech of tomorrow, we should start by looking at some of today’s top tech and their promise for our future; 

The Emerging Tech

1.Living Buildings

Cities of the future will be breathtaking, compared to today’s concrete jungles. Architects envision vertical parks, buildings that actually breath to flush and filter the buildings air through vegetation and advanced organic filtering systems buildings that are built with biodynamic, smog eating concrete. That have open air parks on most floors with natural a smell that will make a walk in the park on the 15th floor feel as if you are outside and not in a building.


With the exploding population of the planet, farming must change, luckily it already has begun. By using drones with advanced FLIR – ‘forward looking infrared’ cameras that can measure moisture, to multispectral imaging cameras that help the farmer manage their crops soil fertilization and irrigation conditions.

Add GPS guided automated robotic units that plant, tend and harvest crops with vertical farming, where a hundred-acre piece of land can erect vertical shelves that are able to grow 10X the crops on the same square foot of land, monitored and harvested by flying drones and we can transform the image of a trip to the farm into a trip to the crop factory.


In today’s lucrative media industry pop, sizzle and differentiation is the perfect playground for testing and merging new tech. And that’s what’s happening, with the use of drones for crowd control, marketing and security. Then there is the amazing stage shows using, AR – augmented reality that superimposes computer generated imagery onto the real life environment and VR – that displays an event across the globe with an immersive 360 degree view of the concert, delivering an experience so convincing you actually believe you’re at the concert.


Battling overpopulation, global warming concerns, and contaminated food and water supplies can leave us all frightened about the future. But you can contribute to a solution by learning more from Cities of Tomorrow, and Vertical Farming using recycled plastic and LED lights and no water or soil. We also need to look at living, breathing buildings as well as solar powered paint, biofuel building facades and even robotic maintenance. The future doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, with entry level engineers and the right motivation and creativity we can solve anything.


The world of transportation the future couldn’t be more expressive in the near future. If our planning comes to fruition we will see a shift in how people move about in their daily lives that will create a cultural dynamic. Starting with driverless cars, to near space travel, to flying cars to floating cars as seen in Star Wars. Keep in mind that the market will help determine the winning and losing technology which will determine in the end what our future looks like, but as of right now the concepts are brilliant and mesmerizing.


This is the hub that will deliver the concepts and products we are all dreaming about. Our future rests on the shoulders of the designers and manufacturing engineers of the future. Let’s start with 3D design for prototype fit and function testing, then move to the ‘Dark Factory’ where only robotic systems run production and there are no human workers (aside from engineers) and maintenance to keep the entire facility operating 24/7- 365 days a year.


Perhaps the most feared technology in our time, the fear that a robot will take our jobs, and rule our lives. Well my friends, the future is hear and it’s nothing like we thought it would be. Take a look at the future, meet Sophia, a humanlike robot that capable of holding a conversation. And how about the LG Rolling Bot for home and facility security. Then of course there are Cobots which work safely right next to humans and even robot like dogs. The future is here, it’s not quite like the movies make robots out to be, yet!

Reality of Modern Tech


As you can see the tech is mind boggling.

Also I want to add a note here and inform you that many of these tech marvels will not be around in the next 5 – 10 years. No matter how incredible they appear today, to revolutionize our future they must first survive today’s real world free market.

There have been hundreds of thousands of inventions that was expected to be thriving in our world today. Everything pointed to them being the next revolutionary breakthrough and yet they didn’t survive the drawing table or the financing or for some they just didn’t survive the market place.

But for every failed tech a new well spring of ideas blossom to take their place and promise to be the idea to take the world by storm. They all promise to make an indelible mark on history, they promise to give us vision beyond the galaxy, strength and vitality to match superman, access to accurate information in an instant making geniuses of us all and some technologies may be able help us travel through space and possibly time, so we can boldly go where no man has gone before.

What’s so exciting, is that without a doubt some of them will keep their promises.

Now to join this new elite, a highly trained and motivated corps of high tech professionals you just need to decide. To not sit on the sidelines and watch this parade of advancement drive right by you. But instead to join in, to step forward and be among the few who celebrate the world’s immersion into the future, to not only be a consumer of its wonders but to be a creator or integrator of its almost magic like powers.

There are currently 7888 open positions for computer programmers, 72,024 positions open for PLC programmers, 45,044 positions open for robotics techs and engineers and 71,871 for mechanical engineers and 79,612 for electrical engineers and 2,498 for mechatronic engineers.

As you can see there is no better time than now to join the ranks of the new elite; as a high tech professional. And believe it or not there is incredible need for entry level engineers, consider that the emerging tech is so new that processes haven’t even been written. And there aren’t a field of senior engineers ready to retire, instead there are too few engineers in the industry to scale the technology into a global market. 

So if you’re ready to be a part of this tech revolution and be among those who can automate the future, you will find a spot on the shuttle to a remarkable future waiting for you. 

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The Take Away

With this article we’re hoping we’ve answered some questions, sparked your curiosity and shared some useful information. But, we know you may need more, so we invite you to contact us for some follow up questions or to discuss your unique needs.

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