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Want the Fastest, Easiest & Most Direct Path to a Career in Automation?

My goal is to help you build strong skill sets and a world class portfolio that helps you receive endless job offers.

I can help you learn tech, thats easy. But what I do different is that I can also help you overcome any doubts about yourself and your future. I can also work with you to make commitments and can hold you accountable to finally achieving your goals.

So, lets work together. I use a solution-based approach that focuses on goal setting, helping you take action and holding you accountable to your dreams. 

Automation Careers


Beginners and seasoned professionals needed!


Discover one or more in-demand skills in only weeks. And receive endless job offers.


Are you the creative type? Then learn how to create in 3D. 


Are you more the hands on type? Then learn to work with high-tech equipment.


Want to make robots come to life? Than a career in robotics might be the path for you.

How I Can Help

As you look back on the year . . . what was wrong with your career?

Were there unfinished career goals you tried but failed to achieve?

When you look back . . . do you think, yeah, I could have done it, but I didn’t have the clarity or the focus or the direction or perhaps the accountability?

Here’s the thing, as we go forward in life, I’m realizing the greatest service to my readers – when people get the VERY BEST results – is when they work 1-1 with me personally.

Hands down, people who work personally with me get 10x, if not 100x MORE results than just doing things on their own . .

Now, the path isn’t always different.

You see, the steps themselves can be the same . . .

But . . . when you have the accountability of knowing that you have to finish an assignment because you are going to talk with me and you know I will hold you accountable and TELL you that it has to get done . .

So that I can help you take the next step to achieving your goals!

We will work together EVERY SINGLE WEEK. . .

It’s amazing what can happen when you dig deep at that level . . .

So I’ve decided to do something that very well could change your life . .

In fact, with the clarity that you can get from me – 

  • direct line access to me . . talking with me as much as you want as long as you are DOING the work I give you . .

I believe that even as you read this, you are realizing that this can totally supercharge your results and your year and your goals!

And because we are getting started IMMEDIATELY . . . we can hold your first coaching call ASAP so that you can wake up next week with absolute clarity on your future, what you need to do, and what you can accomplish . .

My Approach to Coaching

My philosophy is that together we can accomplish any career goal. And in today’s world we can leverage technology to build a remarkable future for you and your family.

But, remember that it takes setting goals, making commitments and following through with those commitments.

I want you to be successful which means we need to be united in the path to reaching your goals. We need to be clear in the tasks to achieve your goals, we need to be strong and determined in the follow through. And we need to believe in each other!

You need to believe SO strong in your goals that you will not let any negativity change your mind!!! 

Time to go bad ass and make your goals happen!

What We Can Do Together

First, we start by working together to build a personalized Career Plan for you. I can help take you from where you’re at in your career and map out a strategy to help you reach your goals.

We can work together, one-on-one to build a step-by-step plan that maps out your career growth.

Together we can layout a plan that outlines how you can;

  • Build STRONG skill sets. (so good an engineer with 10 years experience wont know your a beginner)
  • Create a World-Class projects portfolio … in 15 MINUTES a day to impress recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers.
  • Get job referrals for high 5 to 6 figure jobs from around the world… with NO job experience, we’ll show you an OVERLOOKED method!
  • Walk into an Interview like an EXPERT – Prepared… you’ll have answers for every hard question.
  • Discover how to Negotiate for top pay…even if you are a Beginner.
  • We’ll show you a ‘SHORTCUT’ to building a Strong Skill-Set.. were you are able to work with senior engineers on day one.
  • Have experience using Engineer Grade software. (the exact software the pros use)
  • Connect with EXPERTS around the world …and build a PROFESSIONAL Black Book with people able to help whenever you need it.
  • Build a OUTSTANDING Online Profile on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube…that shows you are a Industry Professional.
  • We’ll show you our method to build a network that will feed you an ENDLESS supply of Job Offers…
  • Learn our process to prepare yourself to LEAD Million-Dollar projects…(which likely will happen in your first year)
  • Collect an ‘Overwhelming Amount of Referrals’ who can vouche for you to prospective employers…even if you are new to the industry.
  • Set Up an Effortless Job Search, that almost runs on it’s own…and doesn’t require filling out online applications or sending endless resumes.
  • and so much more!

And we wont stop there, we will work together to help you with on-the-job support, because your going to have challenges even after you get the job you want.

So we will be there for you from the start all the way through your first year…your never going to be alone.

Explode Your Career Opportunities

By leveraging technology, we take a shortcut to success.

And the best thing is, that there is ‘NO‘ tech you cannot learn.

I can help you learn the most cutting-edge tech right in your home in your own convenience.

All you need to start is a computer and internet access, there is literally nothing stopping you from becoming one of the smartest people in the room.

And together we can build you a personalized blueprint. Which will outline every step you will take to the very day you get hired.


Inside The Coaching Program


We will build a LASER FOCUSED career BLUEPRINT specifically for you.

We can schedule convenient times to talk, where you can ask questions and I can literally give you the very next step to achieving your goals.

You cannot fail, when someone with the right experience TELLS you exactly what to do next!

You can talk with me personally… once per week (and 2x a week when needed).

During your coaching we will meet weekly via live phone calls, or Skype or shared desktops. We will record every meeting so you can listen again at your convenience. That’s where we can offer some focused training, as needed.

Each laser coaching session will be action-focused, each time we talk I will give you a homework step, once you finish that step, you can schedule our next 1-1

Here’s the way it will work:

We’ll kick off your coaching with me with a 45 minute ‘Career Jump Consult’ where we will build a blueprint with a step-by-step process we can work on together to help you reach your career goals.

Then you’ll begin to implement . .

And since I’ve discovered that accountability and implementation are some of the biggest roadblocks to your success, each session will be accountability – driven –

I’ll give you a very specific assignment that will drive you closer to your goal, then we’ll meet again for another coaching session.

So accountability is not just a goal – it’s built into the program!

And you can talk with me as much as you need!

It’s not ‘TRULY’ unlimited because you can’t just call and chat with me about the weather . . . but the harder you work, the more you can accomplish and the more you will grow . .

I personally promise to push you like never before and there is NO REASON you can’t build an AWESOME career after working with me . . .

Make this happen for you and your loved ones!

I will give you a workbook and you will be required to complete specific homework each week before our meetings. The workbook requires you to do some work (of course) you will have to answer questions, complete some surveys, exercises, write a few paragraphs about yourself and make some lists.

To support you every minute of every day I offer unlimited email access to me and my team if you get stuck (I try to respond asap).

The first assignments are to build a blueprint, specific to you and your career in the tech world.

You will have a plan that outlines what you know, what you need to learn, how to outline your past and use it to leverage the future and even a step-by-step plan to find, negotiate and land a high 5 – 6 figure job.

Sound good?

Build a World Class Portfolio

I will show you how to become one of the most skilled people in the room.

And I will show you how to showcase yourself to the world. Because we all know that the truth is in the proof.

No certificate, degree or paper guarantees you anything.

But skills that you can prove, ALWAYS gives a guarantee.

With today’s fast paced evolving world of tech and the tight market, employers are looking for high performers with a good work ethic. Not just someone who has checked all the boxes.


I personally know what it takes to build a powerful portfolio that showcases your new world-class skills and your previous experience as well.

And I can show you how to use it to easily meet and impress HR managers, recruiters and employers instantly.

Start Today, Here’s How…

I personally promise to push you, to get RESULTS!

I will support you like you have never had before and because of my help there is NO REASON you can’t land a great tech career after working with me . . .

To review, it’s Unlimited access with the express purpose of building a;

  • Professional Profile
  • Powerful Projects Portfolio
  • Worldwide Network of Professionals

We will work together on;

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Salary Negotiation Skills
  • Acquiring Referrals and so much more!

(remember you will only achieve results by working hard. And as you achieve one goal, we begin to work together on your next goal. You will not be able to move through the process if you do not complete EVERY single task.)

Let’s make this happen for you and your family this year!

Scale Your Income & Build a High Quality Lifestyle

I want to help you build a career with security, a career filled with challenges and opportunities and one that let’s you become one of the best paid professionals in the room.

It cannot be said enough, ‘Life is Short‘ so we have to aggressively pursue the best opportunities in life. Opportunities that reward us for all of our intellectual and physical contributions.

With a compensation that gives us a highly comfortable quality of life, and lets us enjoy travel, retirement and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

The goal of a coach is to help you research career options, set goals, overcome negative thoughts and objections and to help you make and keep committments. It’s a solution-based approach that focuses on goal setting, taking action and holding clients accountable to achieving their goal. 

How Do I Know if Coaching Is Right for Me?

This is a question best answered by you. Let me start by asking you if you are struggling to leanr tech, set goals, make decisions, keep commitments, or worried about being able to land that high 5 to 6 figure tech job? If so that’s exactly where a coach can be helpful, much like a boxing coach we can help give you tips, tricks, techniques and tactics to reaching your goal. And we will also push you to dig deep so that you can show the world what your made of.

Do You Only Work With Experienced Professionals?

Oh no, beginners sometimes make the best clients. They are eager, hard working and want to prove to themselves and the world that they can set a goal and get it done! And seasoned professionals looking to pivot into a tech career often make great candidates. They have skills, knowledge and experience thats easily transitions which makes them twice as valuable.

Do You Teach Technical Training?

We do offer some technical training services. We also offer training through the many affiliate contractors we work with. They are professionals we have vetted for high caliber performance in skill and service.

Do You Work With Recruiters & Companies?

We are always happy to work with recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals and decision makers to assist in merging the best candidate and company together.