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My goal is to help you become one of the smartest, most skilled and best paid professionals in the room – Paul Godines

Paul Godines

Logix Magazine

Founder & CEO

I never imagined as a kid I would be traveling the world, working on cutting edge technology or that I would ever be the leader of a multi-million dollar project. 

Even more incredible is to believe I would ever earn anywhere near 6 figures and I imagine you feel the same and that’s why you’re visiting my web site.

If changing your career is your goal then this is the right place for you. Because I have discovered that the best gifts in life are given not received and by sharing my career experiences with you would be the best way for me to give back.

Together we can work through your career challenges overcome any obstacles and successfully impact your career.

You are not alone, together we can team up and change your world.

Logix Magazine can show you how to build strong skills, powerful portfolios and and get an endless supply of great job offers. This career field has changed my life, and to this day starting to learn design, programming & robotics from home has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life.

More About Paul

To start off, just so you know. I love technology and I have worked so hard to provide for my family, to give them happiness and financial security. But I have discovered that once that’s done, you discover that life’s deeper meaning goes beyond doing for yourself, it’s also giving of yourself to others.

   So, I decided I wanted to share my career path with you and help you launch your own automation & robotics career. By helping you build expert level skills, teaching you how to showcase your skills, knowledge and experience in a powerful project portfolio and to help you build a network that will constantly feed you an endless supply of great job opportunities from around the world.

These days I live in Indiana, and enjoy all aspects of technology, and I look forward to taking some time to get to know more about you and discovering how I might be able to help you take the next BIG step in your life.

   To give back I started Logix Magazine, I thought I could get the many ideas and suggestions, tips and tricks I have experienced in my career out of my head and in the hands of someone who could use them. 

    As for my career, I have experience traveling the world, PLC and computer programming, working with industrial cameras, scanners, robotics, managing multi-million dollar projects and much more. I also enjoy learning about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and self driving cars as well as various design platforms to try to keep abreast of the ever growing world of new technology.

   l have a growing set of tech skills and the REAL WORLD experience to help you launch your own highly successful career and can not wait to see you reach your goals.

   So, if you’re looking for someone to help you learn new technology, build a portfolio to showcase your new skills and experience and grow a worldwide network of contacts that can offer an endless supply of great job opportunities, I may be the perfect person to help you. In the meantime read my online magazine and let me know what you think.


Travel the World, Work With Cutting Edge Tech, Lead MIllion Dollar Projects and Earn 6 Figures