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Logix Magazine is the world’s leading career building publisher serving automation & robotic technology professionals.

We help our readers discover career opportunities, resources and how to info to optimize their performance when designing and programming automated machinery & robotics.

Logix Magazine will deliver information to include articles, interviews, industry announcements, videos, product reviews, training resources and updates on seminars and events.

 Paul Godines

Founder & Managing Editor


I never imagined as a kid I would be traveling the world, working on cutting edge technology or that I would ever be the leader of a multi-million dollar project. 

Even more incredible is to believe I would ever earn anywhere near 6 figures and I imagine you feel the same and that’s why you’re visiting our website.

If using automation & robotics technology to change your career is your goal then this is the right place for you.

That’s great to hear, because one of my life’s most valuable lessons was that the best gifts in life are given not received.

And the best way for me to give back to the world would be to share the best career building advice, skills and experiences with you.

Through Logix Magazine my team and I want to serve both the engineer and the technician working as programmers, supervisors, managers, contractors and students still in school or learning at home.

This career field has changed my life, and to this day learning design, programming & robotics has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Paul Godines

Controls Engineer

Travel the World, Work With Cutting Edge Tech, Lead MIllion Dollar Projects and Earn 6 Figures

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