Join the workshops and you will learn how to build a strong skill set a professional portfolio and a network in automation that can feed you endless high 5 – 6 figure job offers from around the world.


We create monthly workshops

Each of these workshops contain a series of videos, worksheets, downloadable files, coaching videos and much more. This is just a sample of whats available to you when you join. We deliver a new workshop every month, as part of your regular membership.

ABB Robot Programming

Get hands on experienced with real world software.

HMI Design

Discover how to build a large variety of human machine interface screens for a variety of projects.

Electrical Controls

Learn how to wire, configure and install any electro/mechanical devices for any machine.

Industrial Hydraulics Systems

Learn how hydraulic systems work and learn to design, simulate and test your systems.

Keyence IV Vision System

Learn to integrate and program a Keyence IV vision system into a RSLogix 5000 platform.

Keyence SR-1000 Barcode Scanner

Learn to integrate and program a Keyence barcode scanner into a RSLogix platform.

Intro to PLC Programming

Learn to build a PLC program template and use it to build several real world projects.

AutoCAD Electrical

Begin building electrical prints on your first day with engineer grade software,

Advanced PLC Programming

Learn advanced algorigthms; PID, motion, bar codes, languages, data and complex mathmatics.

Programmable Safety Relays

Discover how the pros install, configure and program Pilz Safety Relay in Siemens S7 TIA Portal platform.


Learn how to develop a network using ControlNet, DeveiceNet & Ethernet/IP in RSLogix.

Become a Professional

You will design professional HMI programs, create real world projects and use engineer grade software like the pros use.

Learn by Doing

Practice Work Hands-On

All of the workshops demonstrate hands-on-training with the same software programmers and engineers use every day. The projects that are used come from real world projects.

Build your portfolio

Be Able to Prove Your Skill Set

You will compelte the training with a solid world class and real world projects portfolio. It will be what seperates you from all the other job applicants.

Achieve your goals

Making a Career Jump Into Automation

Lots of people dream of having a job where they get to travel the world (if they want), work with cutting-edge tech, lead million-dollar projects and earn a high 5 – 6 figure income. You will be one of the few.

“I was learning how to design by the end of the first day!

All it takes is starting! You will learn how to use all the software you need and receive coaching from a pro who has been there and done it in the real world.



Fortune Favors The Decisive


How Long is The Training?

The coaching runs weekly with no end date. There is a lot to learn and you will need to take your time, think through the material and practice it over a long period of time to get good at it. And we want to be with you every step of the way.

Can You Guarantee Me a Automation Job?

No one can guarantee something like that. However we believe that if you work hard and build a strong portfolio of projects you will be offered jobs to choose from.

What If I Want to Quit?

There will never be a time like today and there will never be a team whose desire it is to help you reach your dreams and build your skill like this team. Its now or never. You can quit anytime, but why would you want to?

What Happens if I Can't Make a Workshop

Things do happen, but but dont worry all the trainings are recorded and you will have unlimited access.

Will You Help Me Find a Job?

Absolutely, we will work with you every step of the way until you receive a job offer in automation you are happy with. In addition we will make ourselves available to you even after you start your new job, because the learning doesnt stop there.

Course Price

The cost is $2,000 for a 4 MONTH membership. Once payment is made you will be emailed the details to join the LIVE workshops. The workshops are held at convenient times and are recorded for members and last about 1 – 1.5 hours once a week.

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