Interested in a Side Gig in Tech That Pays?

In this post were going to show you how to get 7 specific side gigs in tech and we will share a few ways to get paid for doing them. It is possible to get paid for doing all of these gigs, receive testimonials of your character and add highly valuable content you can use in a professional portfolio to showcase your skills to hiring managers and recruiters.

Why Side Gigs Matter to Newbies

The first benefit for doing side gigs is the ability to build a projects portfolio and if you’re new to an industry, you’re a single face in a sea of candidates. And al the candidates may be applying for the same open positon in a highly sought after and lucrative high 5 or 6 figure job.

If that’s true you had better find a way to stand out from the crowd, and that usually means you need to start with having an unbreakable level of confidence and an overwhelming amount of evidence of your skills, knowledge and ability.

And that can be accomplished with a projects portfolio, which is a collection of some of your best work. The portfolio contains programs you’ve developed, documents you’ve written and a hundred or more solid references.

With that being said the other benefits are the ability to gain experience and getting paid to learn. When starting out in a new industry it’s usual to have to pay your dues, via an education or apprenticeship program.

However while many apprenticeship programs do pay their trainees, not all do and if they do, it’s not at full scale. In addition, as an appretice you have very little control throughout the learning process, you are at the mercy of the programs schedules, pay scale and timeline.

However, when taking on side gigs you have complete control, you decide what work you want to accept, what pay scale you’re willing to do it for and you can choose to take on a gig one week and not the other.

So, what are types of technical side gigs can you get – even if you’re a newbie?

The 7 Tech Side Gigs You Can Get:

  1. Technical Research – yes, believe it or not you can find tech research gigs online. You can find gigs online to research industry trends and marketing, and even industry financials.
  2. Programming – this should go without saying, most people will find these types of side gigs pretty easy to find and land. And that makes them perfect for newbies to add to their portfolio.
  3. Technical Drawings – these are also pretty easy to find and get. You can reach out to your current employer or find them online at side gig websites to find these opportunities. These are absolutely necessary for the end user making them easy to land.
  4. Technical Writing – here you can get paid to create manuals, technical documents, updates to production or process systems and so much more.
  5. Teaching – yes, you can find people who want to learn what you know. You need to know that there are thousands of people who would love to be where you are in your skill. Go to forums and groups and offer to help newbies learn what you know.
  6. Assembling/Building – with this gig you may be asked to assemble an enclosure, or an electrical panel or some other type of physical product or device from home. These types of gigs will have components drop shipped to your home for you to assemble as a side gig.
  7. Recruiting – happen to know any friends in your industry who might be looking for a new opportunity? If so, you can connect with recruiters and make the introduction for a fee, in addition, you can reach out to your extended network of friends and colleges and continue to make introductions for a fee.

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How to Find Some Side Gigs

The best places to start finding these gigs would be online. Stat with web forums, or Facebook groups, websites like Reddit and Craigslist have turned out to be some of the best pools to find side gigs. Just do a search for your industry and you will find the most unlikely of opportunities will be available. 

Be willing to spend some time searching for the right side gig for your first few projects. If finding listed gigs doesn’t turn up anything, be patient it’s a timing thing. You have to find someone who needs something at the time you’re looking. 

If you don’t find anything that fits you when you’re looking, go to industry websites and begin to ask for around for some opportunities. Just tell them you’re new and that you are looking for some projects to add to your portfolio. We can virtually guarantee that someone will reach out to you to lend them a hand.

How to Get Paid for the Work You Do

It’s important to know, that the hardest part of getting paid for a side gig is having the ability to ask to be paid. If you are new to this type of process, you are likely going to undervalue your ability and value. 

Generally that causes a person to ask for too little or nothing for their work. If this is you. Its ok, just get a few projects under your belt and add them to your portfolio. Once you a have a few done, then you will have gained some confidence and will be in a better state of mind and will find it easier to ask for fair compensation. 

But, don’t be afraid to ask each and every time, because what you do for anyone is valuable. You’re saving them the time from having to do the work themselves or from paying more (likely) to have someone else do it. 

In short, ask for compensation but be willing to negotiate for the experience at first.

How to Leverage your Work to Get More Work

There are only two requirements to getting and growing a side gig income. And they are; find a pool of people looking for work to be done and build a portfolio that makes the hiring process for these side gigs easier to you to prove your skill, knowledge and ability.

Your goal with a side gig as a newbie absolutely needs to be to grow your portfolio. Do not worry about an income at first, we know it’s hard to ignore, but if you build a powerful portfolio the opportunities will come faster and be easier to get hired for.

In addition, the more experience you get the more efficient at performing them you will become.

The TakeAway

With this article we’re hoping we’ve answered some questions, sparked your curiosity and shared some useful information. But, we know you may need more, so we invite you to contact us for some follow up questions or to discuss your unique needs.

Just go to our contact page and reach out to us and we’ll get back to you asap!