Want to get good at PLC programming?

 Are you unsure about your skills?  Let me tell you, in case no one else ever has, you can become a world class programmer! 


 In this article, you’re going to learn how to become a ‘World Class’ PLC programmer.

 While you’re not going to learn to everything there is about programming, you are going to learn what it takes to be one of the smartest, most skilled and best paid PLC programmers in any company in the world.

What’s World Class Look Like?

Let’s start with this, it’s noticeable and you will know it when you see it. It’s not something you can buy. You cannot watch a video and magically acquire it, it starts inside you. You must believe you can do it, then you absolutely want to do it and even more importantly you must want to earn it.

Because you will receive nothing you don’t work for. No one is given it. It’s not a degree. It’s not a license bestowed upon you and its most certainly not inherited. Instead its developed. Its where talent and action merge.

So Where Do You Begin?

If getting real damn good at something in this lifetime means anything to you than listen up. For one you must believe there are people who have acquired the skill to literally perform at an incredible level. They have the skill to excel with concepts, problems, algorithms and systems beyond mere mortals. Or so it would seem!


There good because they’ve earned it!

They have put in the work to acquire their phenomenal looking skills, and guess what, if you follow their formula you can do the exact same thing. You can indeed become stuff of legend. And this article is going to share with you how it’s done.

The Formula of Five ONES

The formula I am going to share with you is simply a collection of the five best pieces of advice there is to get good ‘damn’ at doing anything. However, the interesting thing about this formula is that they work seamlessly together.

The true secret to greatness lies in finding a proven formula that is simple to follow and execute with easy measurables and quantifiable results you can acquire along your journey. In short it needs to work with real end results.

The formula I found that has worked for me has only 5 parts to it. 

  1. One Time
  2. One Platform
  3. One Resource
  4. One Measure
  5. One Year 

One Time 

What I am referring to is the time on a clock, as anybody who has tried to start a new weight loss or workout routine has discovered it’s tough to find time to do it. Finding time is the most common challenge for anyone who has a has a hobby, wants to lose weight or learn something new.

 The secret used by every single successful person who ever got good at anything was to practice, a lot. Now I’m sure you don’t need to here this from me, I would bet you’ve heard it before. But it’s how they studied, they didn’t study or practice like they did when they were in high school, studying for a math quiz. In stead a world class professional levels up the way they learn and the way they absorb information.

 You can’t do what got you here and use it to get to where you want to go next, as the saying goes. Its going to take a different approach, or you will get the same results. You are going to have to do things differently. If you want to lose weight you need to eat differently or find more time for a hobby you must move things around in your schedule and do things differently and this is no different.

 Make the time, a pro in training who has decided to make the commitment, sets a time everyday to do something. That time is sacrosanct, its their religion, it’s what keeps them breathing. Nothing and I mean nothing should get in your way. Set the time to practice every day for an hour at least, every day, every day, 365 days a year…

 One Platform

 The second step in this formula is to decide to concentrate on only one programming using ONE platform at a time. This is probably the most important decision you can make and the most likely to catapult you into legendary status as a programmer.

 Learning one platform is a monumental accomplishment. Do not even try to learn more than one platform at a time. Even more importantly is the fact that once you learn one brand you will discover that all the other platforms operate somewhat very similar.

 You can break basic programming with a platform into a couple of sections. The first would be to become extremely familiar with every aspect of the software. Installing, updating, maneuvering around in it. Download the manuals for the software, make notes, memorize everything.

 Make notes on cards and have friends drill you, hang notes throughout the house, master every option, clickable link and variable regarding using the software. Then move on to learning each instruction, and again, memorize them. Get extremely familiar with how every instruction is built and used.

Now before you think I am crazy, keep this in mind. You’re not looking to get ok at programming you are looking to become legendary, ‘World-Class’. Also keep this in mind, even if you never use some of the instructions it’s the practice of learning and drilling and repetition that you are hammering into your soul.

 Also think about this, sooner or later you are going to compete against others for a job opening at a company. Work harder than anyone else, never let it be said that someone else got the job because you didn’t work hard enough or long enough or know enough. Do this with everything you want to learn, and you will be the best programmer anyone has ever known.

 One Resource

 One of the other biggest challenges with learning anything these days isn’t not being able to find someone who knows what you want to learn. But, it’s information overload instead. Even for those students taking an online or offline course regardless of what it is; martial arts, programming, graphics etc.

 With the internet it easily becomes addicting to search the internet and find some new tip, trick or technique that skews you away from following a curriculum. A steady, methodical approach to graduating through a body of knowledge.

 Instead what happens is a learner ends of with a shotgun results, they don’t get a comprehensive base of knowledge that leads to solid skills. Instead they usually end up becoming a tip or trick pony, someone who can do some of the work but has a lot of gaps, making them costly to complete their training or at worst dangerous to leave alone on a project.

 Do your homework and find one, highly reputable and reliable resource to acquire your training from, stay away from learning from multiple sites. You know that you cannot fix a car with too many mechanics. Everyone’s got an opinion and, in the end, with today’s cars as an example and technology, there is only so much elbow room or time to get the work done.

 So, research a good program to take, a great mentor to work with and stay focused with starting only ONE program and finish it. Don’t be the type of person who starts and stops a dozen online programs and doesn’t complete any of them, your working to become a professional, who can stay focused, make commitments, and complete the job.

 One Measure

 To me, this is a critical section of the formula. Actually, it will be what you can use to secure your very first job opportunity, if you follow my advice. This alone can literally make you or break you, so pay close attention and follow along.

 Along the way and at throughout your career you are going to want to have a way to measure your skill and performance. And the only way that I know you can do that is to set up a online portfolio and ask everyone you come across in your profession to review your work and give you feedback.

 Now lets’ start with the portfolio. If you’ve been a regular reader of the Logix Magazine, you will know that I am a huge advocate of building a portfolio. I make no secret of the fact that I believe that there is no more valuable thing you can do to grow your career than to create a powerful portfolio.

 Resumes are so ‘yesterday’. Lol.

 Funny as the phrase is, it is true to a degree. Telling will never trump showing, and that’s what we’re trying to with a portfolio. Now that alone is enough to help you become a ‘World-Class’ programmer. You are going to need feedback, feedback from industry professionals who are allowed by you to be critical, objective but supportive of your career growth.

 It’s having a pool of professionals who is willing to share a few minutes of their time to review your work and share their immeasurable knowledge to help you. Almost always for free.

 Now professionals don’t mind giving away a few minutes here and there on occasion. So, always be on the lookout to add to a growing pool of professionals who can serve as mentors in a way. Keep in mind, that you must do the work and take their advice serious, and most importantly never lose their trust once you get it.

 Now, think ahead to a year from now, you have several programs posted online, and you have had several professional programmers review your work and maybe have been blessed with a few testimonials about how your work has progressed over the year.

 There is no greater way to measure your progress than this.

 One Year

 It’s a year from today, as I said above, let’s say you have over a dozen programs, and HMI designs posted online along with a dozen electrical prints and a few videos you’ve created to showcase some work you’ve done.

 A year, just one year, following this 5-part formula. With extreme diligence.

 Your skill, knowledge and ability will literally be on the cusp of ‘World-Class’ now imagine you stayed true and worked on following this formula for 5 years, or 10 years or more. You career opportunities would be incredible, and your future would be in your hands.

 You would have proven how to learn anything, how you best absorb anything, where and who the best resources in your industry are, the industries top professionals would know you and many would have reviewed your work and might have recommend you for opportunities or at least would have shared a few testimonials regarding your work.

 You would have learned how to showcase yourself and you would be ready to talk to anyone about your work and any opportunity they may have for you. Your confidence would be through the sky, maybe even a ‘little’ cocky.

 The value of one year’s work that you would build in skill, networking, confidence and all-around ability would be nothing more than remarkable and way, the hell above anything your competitors are doing. In fact, it would be legendary, if not ‘World-Class’.

 In addition, you will have a system to do anything at a world-class level.


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The Take Away

With this article we’re hoping you’ve learned and left with some questions answered, hopefully we’ve sparked your curiosity and shared some useful information.

But, we know you may need more, so we invite you to contact us for some follow up questions or to discuss your unique needs.

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