Ask Yourself;


How does a person overcome a lack of experience?


I call it the rule of evidence; the rule goes like this, ask yourself how many times do you have to see something to believe it? Once, ten times or a hundred times. Whatever it is once that point has been reached you will always believe it, for the rest of your life.

Now, how is that relevant when job hunting? 

The rule of evidence begins with your resume, that’s the first time you start the process of providing evidence that you are a competent professional. 

A hiring manager will begin to assess your skills, knowledge and abilities starting with your resume. 

Consider that the time will come when you will need to showcase yourself to the world that you are a professional. It may be during a discussion with a hiring manager, during an interview or more likely it will be on your resume. 

So, you must have the confidence to be able to claim the title professional and clearly communicate how you solve problems. Because that’s the hiring managers number one problem these days, finding qualified, competent professionals to solve their company’s problems. 

While the English language is a remarkable tool, it’s important to know what to say to communicate your skill and value to any company who might have an opening for someone with your skills. 

Now, there are hundreds of words and phrases that could help give you an edge on your resume, during your discussions in an interview. They can help give others an immediate hint that you are a true tech pro, regardless of how many years of experience you really have. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Words The Convey You Have Innovation Skills

Every tech professional candidate will be expected to be an independent thinker and be able to conjure up creative solutions when needed without fail. Hiring managers need to be assured through the words you convey that you will be able to meet the minimum requirements at least, to fill the role they’re hiring for. 

At the beginning of your introduction via the resume most often, it’s the words you use that determines if you receive a landslide of endless job offers or not.

Consider using these words to express your innovation and independent personality. These words also convey your ability to tackle problems with confidence and creativity. 

  1. Launch – shows you have and can start the first step on a new journey
  2. Experimental – shows you are able and willing to try new things
  3. Started – shows you are able to take the initiative
  4. Advanced – shows you have reached for more than the basics
  5. Optimized – shows you have improved a process or system
  6. Created – shows you have innovated a solution
  7. Streamlined – shows you have made a system faster or easier

Words That Convey Managerial Skills 

Much like the innovator, you’re going to need to convey your ability to manage, projects with million-dollar budgets. Being offered a managerial position only requires trust, not just being able to borrow $20 until the next payday kind of trust. But, the kind of trust to let a stranger look through your phone, at your most intimate texts and web viewing habits kind of trust. 

After all, would you trust just anybody to do anything they want with all ‘your’ money? It’s imperative that a  professional can be trusted to manage a budget, the ‘second’ most important requirement is having the skill to perform the tasks required to do the job. 

  1. Budgets – shows you have the experience to manage and or work with a money management plan
  2. Costs – shows you are able to restrain expenses
  3. EBITA – (pronounced e-bit-ah) Earnings Before Interest, Taxes & Amortization – shows you are able to understand what the bottom line is.
  4. Negotiation – shows you are able to haggle for the best prices and workmanship
  5. Profit & Loss – shows you are able to see the big picture
  6. Savings – shows you are able to be thrifty and responsible with someone else’s money
  7. Scheduling – shows you are able to make and keep commitments

Words That Convey Leadership Skills  

If you’re not only looking to land a professional position but a leadership role as well, a key requirement will be to be able to inspire and develop people and teams. More importantly, you’re going to have to be able to express your leadership skills, and the results of your experience. 

Use these words to help you communicate your leadership skills. 

  1. Vision – shows you are able to steer team commitment
  2. Accountability – shows you are able to set expectations and drive outcomes
  3. Mentor – shows you are able to understand the value of receiving and the reward of supporting your team.
  4. Inspired – shows you have ability to build and sell a goal
  5. Motivation – shows you are able to understand the value and challenges of individual participation
  6. Teamwork – shows you are able to recruit and develop a team to be individually motivated and inspired by a goal
  7. Performance – shows you understand leadership is measurable through results

Words That Convey Technical Skills 

Regardless if you have 30 years’ experience or if you’re a newbie your going to have to communicate your skill sooner or later. So, keep this in mind, you literally must learn to sell yourself. Now the good point about that is that if a 30-year veteran or a newbie, describing your experience ‘setting up networks’ ‘managing a 7-figure project’ or ‘meeting project deliverables’ when used, you both say the exact same thing. 

So, it is important to be able to clearly express your skill and by doing that you will be able to level the playing field against more skilled candidates. 

Having the ability to describe your skill and being able to express your confidence with technology is paramount to your success. 

22. Experienced – shows you know it doesn’t have anything to do with how many years you’ve done it but shows that you have done it.

  1. Qualified – shows you have evidence that you can perform the job and understand the technical requirements
  2. Successful – shows that you have produced results
  3. Professional – conveys you understand it’s more than just a job

It’s important to remember that it’s the words you use that leads to the ‘perception’ of you and that perception will help determine your success. And it all starts with your resume. 

Words matter, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s important that you know this, and it’s important that your confident and competent at using them to express your skills, knowledge and abilities beyond your doubts and insecurities when trying to get hired.