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We can help you to become one of the smartest, most skilled and best paid professionals in the room.

Are You Ready?

If  building your career is your goal, and you’re more the self learner type than this is the right place for you.

We Have The Logix

Come learn the framework, get the tools, use our templates, get customized courses-of-action to travel the world, work with cutting edge tech, lead multi-million dollar projects and land a high 5 to 6 figure career as a designer, programmer, engineer, freelancer or contractor. GUARANTEED!

  • Build WORLD CLASS skill-sets.
  • Work on REAL-WORLD projects.
  • Create a PROFESSIONAL level portfolio.
  • Learn how to LEVEL UP your mindset!
  • Grow a WORLDWIDE network of contacts.
  • Negotiate for TOP pay on your first job!
  • Land your first Engineering job.
  • GET pay raises, promotions, or change jobs at ANYTIME!


We Have The Logix


Discover how to integrate engineer grade software and or hardware into REAL-WORLD projects to add to your Professional portfolio

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